The project, created in 2011 by an initiative of Fernando Zarif’s family and friends, started with the intent of conserving, studying and publishing his work.

 With the help of a specialized team, the process began with all of Fernando’s work being brought together and a cautious analysis was done so that they could be properly maintained and preserved.

 Today, the project has more than 2,000 cataloged pieces of art and continues the process of cataloging, restoration and conservation.

 The project has an exhibition space, heated technical reserve, specific furniture and conservation materials developed specially for the artist’s artworks.

 Our mission is to go beyond the simple treatment of artworks. We seek to combine the collection with the artistic proposal and the creators’ identity, through documentary treatment and exhibition of: objects, materials, books, texts and photographs related to its construction as a multifaceted artist.

 Click here to check out some of the steps of the process that has been carried out.

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